openJFX Using+an+IDE documentation

Cirujano Cuesta, Diego diego.cirujano-cuesta at
Thu Oct 2 08:40:38 UTC 2014

Hi all!

In the documentation of using an IDE to develop .... There is one part not clear for me.

I would like to explain what I did. The part not clear for me is: "Using Netbeans"->"Run sample code". I didn't do it as the wiki said because I did not understand it so I made my own project( I don't know where is Trix4 :S). The project I made was by New Project -> Java Application (NOT JavaFX -> JavaFX Application, because the project I had to test was a JavaFX Application and as I removed jfxrt.jar there were dependency problems). After creating the project, I added to the project the compiled jfxrt.jar in the project properties->Libraries dependencies. At this moment I was able to compile the test project, run it and debug it.

Diego Cirujano

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