CSS: style leaks from unrelated stylesheet

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Thu Oct 9 10:00:47 UTC 2014


I have a strange effect with stylesheets. Somehow a style is applied 
although the defining stylesheet is not in the scene. Consider this 

Primary stage with a 3rd party control. The control's jar file contains 
a stylesheet with style

   .list-cell { -fx-pref-height: 24; }

Then a dialog stage is displayed and its scene does not use the 3rd 
party control. However, a combobox list-cell (its button cell) is still 
using a preferred height of 24. IF I don't have that 3rd party control 
on the primary stage and open the dialog, the list cell is at pref 
height 17, as it should. This means the pure existence of that control 
on the primary stage makes a difference on the dialog stage.

Admittedly the selector above is not as specific as it should be. But 
how does that style "leak" into the dialog scene although the dialog 
does not use the 3rd party control with that stylesheet?

This is on 8u11 if it matters. Can't test it right now with 8u20+ 
because that has other implications.


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