The Great FX 8u40 Bug Squash

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Fri Oct 17 18:15:48 UTC 2014

Welcome all,

We are currently in lock down mode for M3 which officially ends Oct 20, 
2014.  The next milestone is M4 (ZBB): Dec 1, 2014.  ZBB (Zero Bug 
Bounce) is essentially the end of development for FX 8u40.

This development cycle has seen some significant feature work, including 
Accessibility and some New Controls.  Normally we wouldn't do features 
in an 8u release, but it was important to close some long standing gaps 
in the toolkit as early as we possibly could. Now it's time to focus in 
the bug backlog.

The 8u20 dashboard was called, "The One True Dashboard".  The 8u40 one 
is called "The Dashboard of Doom".

I'm sorry that clicking on it was not more ominous.  We are required to 
fix all P1, P2 and P3 bugs for ZBB.  P4 and P5 bugs might be fixed, but 
they don't have priority.  For all bugs, regressions generally get 
looked at first, but if the regression is very minor, work on another 
more important bug might take priority.

So, as a team, we need to fix about 16 bugs a week to hit ZBB.  Bugs 
that we can't or should not fix because the changes are too dangerous, 
we will need to defer to 9.  Obviously, it doesn't work quite as simply 
as like this.  Bugs are not fixed in constant time and there is an 
incoming bug rate that we try to take into account, but we can't know 
the future.

So, come one come all to the "Great FX 8u40 Bug Squash"!  Put on your 
DDT suits and get out your sprayers!  Kill a bug today.


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