Software rendering in Prism in JavaFX 8?

Adam Granger adam at
Fri Oct 24 08:52:41 UTC 2014


It's my understanding that JavaFX does not provide software rendering
fallback for SCENE_3D functionality when the GPU isn't on the

I asked this question in May 2012 and I wanted to check whether the
situation had changed?

Kevin's original response below.




> Shouldn't javaFX still do software rendering for 3D?

Not currently (see the other response I just sent). We can consider
providing some basic support for 3.0, but have not yet committed to do so.

-- Kevin

Adam Granger wrote:
> I just checked Platform.isSupported(ConditionalFeature.SCENE3D), it
> returns false. JavaFX + 3D won't work on my linux (ubuntu 12.04) netbook
> with an Intel 945GSE GPU chipset either.
> Shouldn't javaFX still do software rendering for 3D?.. in the same way
> that glxgears still works even if you've not got any drivers installed?
> Otherwise it will seriously limit the number of platforms it will work
> on...
> I'm not after high-end 3D effects, just some basic rotation...
>> Your card is not supported by prism. You can check if a system supports 3d
>> by using the isSupported method (can't remember where .. Maybe in
>> application). I know ensemble does this and instantiates a parallel camera
>> if 3d is not supported.
>> As for why it isn't supported, there are a lot of reasons that lead to a
>> card not being supported, usually it fails to meet one of our minimal
>> requirements.

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