8udev, Android and Monocle

Johan Vos johan at lodgon.com
Sun Oct 26 20:23:16 UTC 2014


Quick status update:

I started working on moving the Android Glass implementation from the
deprecated Lens to Monocle. The releases we did in the past months were
based on the 8u20 tagged version of OpenJFX.
Since Monocle has changed a lot (looking at commits) since 8u20, I started
from 8u-dev for this effort. The good news is that my very basic sample
almost worked out of the box. A few classes in openjfx are using
java.util.function.Supplier, and I had to add this to the compat library.

As I try to be transparent, and since I hope to get some help/tips, I am
keeping a doc on what I've been doing today in the Monocle/Android area at
I didn't do a lot yet, but the dalvik.gradle file will now build monocle
instead of lens, and a dummy udev is in place. The real fun will start now,
adding the NativeScreen implementation.

- Johan

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