Problem accessing jfx native libs under eclipse on windows

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Mon Oct 27 15:45:46 UTC 2014

> That said,I think the right approach in the long term is to move the build to use Gradle's support for C and C++. It supports the MS compiler as well as MinGW on Windows and all the popular compilers on other platforms.  If we combined that with the ability to build just the 32bit JDK when running with the MS compiler, it would offer a decent solution for those using free tools on Windows.

+1 I’d love to see this investigated. It is a big effort (having done the previous cross-compiling / native compiling support in grade). Testing every build environment (32-bit windows, 64-bit windows, Mac, linux 32 / 64, builds for arm) is difficult. Our Gradle build started out simple but was significantly complicated by adding in the native (especially cross-build) support. If we can use the new Gradle C/C++ support  instead of maintaining our own native support, our build scripts might end up becoming much simpler.

But for the soul who attempts the effort, may your RAM be huge and your VMWare fully populated :-)


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