Editable ComboBox bug ?

omathe at free.fr omathe at free.fr
Mon Sep 1 14:08:20 UTC 2014

In fact It is not a bug, I have just found the right way to get the value :
System.out.println("comboBox value : " + comboBox.getEditor().textProperty().get());
instead of
System.out.println("comboBox value : " + comboBox.valueProperty().get());

Sorry for the trouble

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Objet: Editable ComboBox bug ?


I have reproduce in a small example a ComBox behavior which I suspect to be a bug. 
When the TextField intercepts the event, the println displays the current value => OK 
When the ComboBox (which is an editable one) intercept the event the println does not display the current value => bug ? 

public void start(Stage primaryStage) { 

TextField textField = new TextField(); 
ComboBox comboBox = new ComboBox(); 

EventHandler eventHandler = (Event e) -> { 
System.out.println("textField textValue : " + textField.textProperty().get()); 
System.out.println("comboBox value : " + comboBox.valueProperty().get()); 

textField.addEventFilter(KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED, eventHandler); 
comboBox.addEventFilter(KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED, eventHandler); 

StackPane root = new StackPane(); 
VBox vBox = new VBox(textField, comboBox); 
Scene scene = new Scene(root, 300, 250); 

Could you please confirm if it is a bug ? 


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