Javapackager not calling on MacOSX

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Sep 3 18:42:49 UTC 2014

This is the proper place to discuss the javapackager (at least for the 
near term). Bugs are still tracked through the JavaFX JIRA. The source 
code lives in the JavaFX repo and it is built and delivered into the JDK 
as part of the JavaFX build.

-- Kevin

Jeff Martin wrote:
> I’m glad to see that javafxpackager is now javapackager. So my question should be - what is the proper forum to post a javapackger question, or who at Oracle could create a new dedicated forum for it?
> In the meantime, does anyone have a suggestion to diagnose why my custom package/macosx/ isn’t getting called? Javapackager is picking up my custom icons fine, and the windows post-image.wsf is getting picked up fine. Just not getting called on MacOSX.
> jeff

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