Review for JDK-8043060 - First Impl for JEP-208 Packager Imrpovments

Danno Ferrin danno.ferrin at
Tue Sep 9 14:23:32 UTC 2014

Kevin, Steve,

Please review this first implementation of the features for JEP-208, tracked on as JDK-8043060.  There are some changes to the build support classes to support compiling Mac ".mm" files as well as some platform specific flags added tot he platform .gradles in buildSrc, so a +1 (or directions for improvement) from the build masters would be appreciated.


This patch also encompasses the following OpenJFX JIRAs (all linked in the jep), although the discussion for this webrev should be in the JDK-8043060 bug.

RT-23918	 - Native bundles: add support to create file association
RT-28833 - Single source native launcher
RT-35388 - JavaFX Packager's launcher only works with JDK not JRE
RT-36118	 - Support multiple entry points in native installer
RT-37766	 - [packager] Respect command line arguments in self contained applications
RT-37767	 - [packager] Provide friendly APIs to access User JVM Preferences
RT-37769 - [packager] Simple DMG Generation

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