Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Fri Sep 12 18:47:41 UTC 2014

Thanks for getting back to us Mike and letting us know about your 
successful use of JavaFX.  The team does work hard and appreciates the 
kind words.


On 2014-09-12, 2:42 PM, Mike Hearn wrote:
> I've open sourced the JavaFX app I was working on for the past six months
> or so. Lighthouse is a Bitcoin crowdfunding application that uses some of
> the more novel features of the Bitcoin protocol to allow middleman free
> fund raising.
> There's a video of it in action here:
> and some screenshots here:
> Additionally I've open sourced UpdateFX, which is an auto update engine
> that provides some interesting features:
> It's kind of rough still but if anyone is looking for an alternative to the
> existing update engines out there, take a look.
> I just wanted to say thanks to the OpenJFX team for your help and support
> this summer. I've very much enjoyed working both with you all and the
> framework you've created. I believe JavaFX is a surprisingly good fit for
> the Bitcoin community, because we suffer quite badly from the limitations
> and problems of web apps. HTML5 + decentralisation don't mix very well. A
> plain old desktop app works better, and JavaFX is a good way to build such
> things.
> thanks,
> -mike

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