JavaFX (1.7.0_45) and Applet: problem with layout

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Fri Sep 19 10:07:09 UTC 2014

On Tue, 16 Sep 2014 11:55:26 +0200, Fabrizio Giudici  
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> Hello.
> A customer submitted me a problem concerning a Java WebStart applet made  
> with JavaFX (JDK 1.7.0_45): the thing works, but at the beginning the  
> rendering in the browser is such that a number of pixels are off the  
> rendered area at the right and bottom borders. The problem happens with  
> Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows 8, even though by different  
> pixel amounts. Just clicking with the mouse anywhere cause a  
> re-computation of the layout so everything is ok.
> I can't review all of the code, so I focused on the FXML and worked on  
> it by removing unneeded stuff and making sure that PREFERRED_SIZE is  
> used whenever it makes sense. But the problem is always there. At this  
> point, I think that a reasonable workaround would be to force a layout  
> re-computation just after the initialization... but how am I supposed to  
> do that?
> On a second instance, I'd like to understand what's wrong.

Bump... anyone on this? Thanks.

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