Private APIs not usable in Java 9?

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Apr 8 22:41:12 UTC 2015

> For the benefit of the devs on the list, could you please point out what
> private APIs you currently need to use?  That way we can make sure proper
> JIRAs are filed and we can connect those to actual real-world problems.

e.g. handling a double click of a file on MacOS is impossible without using
private APIs currently. I think a bug is filed already, but I don't know
the number.

Learning if you're on the software pipeline or GL/D3D pipelines also
requires internal APIs. This is useful for winding back animations on
hardware/pipelines that can't take it.

Finding the current pixel scale of the screen, same.

I don't know if it counts but I find myself relying on or overriding
undocumented rules in modena.css somewhat frequently. For example the
edge-to-edge rule for ScrollPane. Of course, jigsaw will not break that.

I think AquaFX has to use internal APIs in various places though I don't
remember why.

Those are the examples from my (quite small) app.

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