Private APIs not usable in Java 9?

Stefan Fuchs snfuchs at
Thu Apr 9 22:13:01 UTC 2015

Thank you for the links.

I knew jeps-200 and jeps-201, but jeps-220 was new for me.

I started a new discussion on the jigsaw-dev mailing list, with a new 
idea for the webstart problem.
Perhaps webstart applications can bring their own jre i.e. use a 
downloaded javafx module from the webserver, instead of the installed 


- Stefan

dalibor topic wrote:
> On 08.04.2015 23:03, Stefan Fuchs wrote:
>> Anyway I think especially for webstart applications, which have no
>> control over the installed jre should have the possibility to access
>> private apis.
> I would suggest reading , 
> , 
> and then following the work of the JSR 376 expert group at 
> , starting with 
> .
> As previously suggested, a better place to discuss general technical 
> aspects of Project Jigsaw would be the jigsaw-dev mailing list.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic

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