JavaFX JIRA issues moving to JBS

Robert Krüger krueger at
Wed Apr 15 08:23:42 UTC 2015

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 8:53 AM, Ryan Jaeb <ryan at> wrote:

> Do you guys have an estimate for the percentage of current JIRA
> contributors that will no longer be able to participate, in a meaningful
> way, in bug reporting due to this change?  I can't speak for anyone else,
> but I can tell you what a switch to JBS means to me.
> I consider myself an OpenJFX user, not an OpenJFX developer.  I contribute
> bug reports, but not patches.  I haven't contributed a ton of bug reports
> (22), but every time I run into a bug I take extra time to isolate the
> issue, create a reproducible example, and file a bug.  I'm careful to be
> polite, honest if I make any mistakes, and I make an effort to follow up
> whenever there's activity on a bug I've reported.
> The current bug tracker is a good value proposition for me.  My effort has
> a direct impact on having bugs that I discover fixed, it's easy for me to
> comment on bugs when I feel like I have useful input, I get to vote on all
> the bugs that affect me, and, most importantly, the discussion on many bug
> reports often leads to an acceptable workaround until the bug can be fixed.
> Conversely, contributing via JBS is not a good value proposition for me.  I
> won't have an author role, I won't get to comment on bugs, and I won't get
> to vote on bugs.  The process for me to participate is more cumbersome and
> bureaucratic and is going to be far less meaningful than the participation
> that I've become accustomed to with the existing bug tracking system.
> Why should I participate in a system where my contributions don't even
> warrant a vote on existing bugs?  Once the switch to JBS happens I'll stop
> reporting minor bugs.  The hassle of using JBS means I'm only going to make
> an effort when I run into a major, showstopping bug.  I don't intend to
> sound like I'm throwing a tantrum.  I'm simply being honest.
> For a normal user like me, JBS doesn't make contributing easier, it makes
> it harder.  It doesn't communicate appreciation to small contributors, it
> alienates us.  It's not inviting to new contributors, it's intimidating.
> These things may be ok for a large project like the OpenJDK and it may even
> help stack the bug tracker with veteran developers.  However, I don't think
> JavaFX is in a position to discourage anyone from participating.
> Please reconsider the decision to merge with JBS as it's going to have a
> significant, negative impact on normal users like me.

I had not realized that I would not be able to comment on my own or other
issues after this change. That is a major step back for me as well and my
role so far is very similar to Ryan's (I have not contributed code but I
have invested considerable amounts of time preparing bug reports with
reproducible test cases and aiding Oracle devs by adding comments when

So I am totally with Ryan and Tobias on this. Very bad news.

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