JavaFX JIRA issues moving to JBS

Knut Arne Vedaa knut.arne.vedaa at
Wed Apr 15 10:05:32 UTC 2015

Kevin Rushforth wrote:

> A JBS account will be needed to directly report new bugs or comment on
> existing bugs. Most application developers will file new JavaFX bugs at
> [3] just like other JDK bugs. The requirement to get a JBS
> account [4] is to have a role of Author or higher in an OpenJDK Project
> (e.g., jdk9 or openjfx).

In my humble opinion this sounds like a very, very bad idea. I could 
rant on, but Ryan Jaeb has described it well and I completely agree with 

Undoubtly, if you go ahead with this, there will be a lot less bug 
reports. You are basically alienating the community.

And it's not just about bugs. If you have to be an author in order to 
comment, this kind of discourse: will be a thing of the past.

Knut Arne Vedaa

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