JavaFX JIRA issues moving to JBS

Robert Krüger krueger at
Wed Apr 15 15:55:19 UTC 2015

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 4:54 PM, Richard Bair <richard.bair at>

> Hi everybody,
> Moving to JBS is both good and bad. The good:

> The bad:
>    - Contributing is hard (nay, impossible?) if you are not at least an
>    OpenJDK Author
That's really the only (and serious) aspect anyone is complaining about
IIRC. Having everything in one Jira instance does of course make sense.

> This is exactly the issue. We know from the last 20 years that in fact we
> get a huge amount of completely bogus bugs that get filed via
> (previously Wild stuff from end users like
> “I can’t reboot my computer” and so forth. The concern with JBS (as I
> understand it) was that we’d end up with 10’s or 100,000’s of thousands of
> user accounts, many of which would be one-shot submitters associated with
> bogus issues.
Understandable. IMHO a certain "seriousness threshold" to reduce the noise
makes sense. What if you at least had a policy where someone in your team
can propose people they know from the mailing list for a while for
accounts? I don't think what's needed is to have a completely open system
with one-click self-registration but don't draw the line where you draw it
now, which means you're missing qualified input from people who are ready
to invest qualified time (e.g. to build test cases and good descriptions of
issues) but do not submit patches.

> One solution would be if Atlasssian had some kind of “guest” mode where
> submitter accounts could be created but they would not show up in lists for
> things like assignees etc so they don’t clutter other views. Another
> solution could be to have a system whereby anybody who submits a good issue
> through would get an email allowing them to sign up on JBS
> if they had an issue.

Yes, something like that would address at least my concerns.

> Or, maybe the concern is actually not a problem — since Applets etc would
> point towards, the only people (hopefully) coming to JBS
> are serious developers, the doors could be opened.
> Dalibor would probably know the right alias to discuss the JBS policy, and
> I do believe, personally, that the policy is too restrictive and
> discourages cooperation and needs to be changed. But I also think moving to
> JBS is a good thing for a bunch of other reasons (and cost cutting can’t be
> ignored) and actually I’m looking forward to the ability to browse issues
> without having to get an account (not like I don’t have an account, but I
> mean for all the folks out there who just want to see the issues :-)).
Your response gives me some hope that you take the feedback seriously. This
is a big thing. Please don't disappoint us by letting this discussion fade
into nirvana without anything being done about that.

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