JavaFX JIRA issues moving to JBS

Robert Krüger krueger at
Thu Apr 16 07:33:51 UTC 2015

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, Ryan Jaeb <ryan at> wrote:

> My frustration isn't aimed at anyone on the list, so I hope it didn't seem
> like that.
> I don't usually post to the list, but I follow it enough to know that, once
> we see an announcement like the one Kevin delivered, the decision has been
> made and there's no going back.  If I've misinterpreted, I apologize.
> Please correct me.
> The thing that's particularly frustrating with this incident is that it's
> going to have a predictable, negative impact on people like me who feel
> like submitting bug reports is the most effect contribution we can make to
> the JavaFX community.  Being told that we should engage the JBS folks after
> the decision has been made isn't acceptable.  Whoever made the decision to
> merge with JBS should already have engaged the JBS folks and advocated for
> changes on behalf of the JavaFX community before the decision was
> finalized.  The message Kevin delivered should have included the results of
> that advocacy.
> Regardless, what's done is done.  If we need to have someone engage the JBS
> people to ask for policy changes, I think we'd do well to nominate whoever
> made the original decision.  If they have enough influence to get a project
> merged into the JBS, they're effort will be far more effective than that of
> a random person from the community.
> We've been told that Oracle wants to see more participation from the JavaFX
> community.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a decision
> making role at Oracle to take action and demonstrate to the community that
> they're willing to help facilitate some of that participation.
Amen to every single aspect you touch. I believe that summarizes pretty
well how many of us die-hard java desktop/client-side application/product
developers feel.

@Dalibor: An after-the-fact "Not our responsibility, ask over there" is not
exactly how you get your community to feel involved. But Ryan has also
already covered that very well above.

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