Enhancements to 3D for JFX9?

Felix Bembrick felix.bembrick at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 11:15:47 UTC 2015

As awesome as JavaFX is right now, for me it's greatest weakness especially when compared to competing products is it's extremely rudimentary support for 3D graphics. Even the old Java3D was considerably more advanced.

Is beefing up 3D support in JFX9 seen as a priority and if so what features are being considered?

I am not expecting a full-on rival for Unity3D but I am hoping to be able to build complex 3D games and scientific visualisations using custom shaders etc. and support for WebGL not just within WebKit itself but in a stand alone 3D Canvas node with full and extra 3D features.

Of course all of this must work not just on the desktop but also on mobile platforms and embedded where feasible. 

Am I dreaming?


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