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Mario Torre neugens at
Tue Apr 28 06:22:12 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-04-21 at 09:52 +0200, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> Totally off topic, I apologise, but the subscribers to this list are the type of people who may have the experience I seek.
> I've been trying to pitch the concept of named parameters for Java 9, but somehow my JEP is never picked up. I emailed it in twice. Has anyone ever successfully handed in a JEP?
> Tom

Hi Tom,

I personally think this makes the language more verbose with little
benefit, but that's just me maybe.

I don't see your JEP here:

You can start off the discussion for a JEP over the mailing list that
more closely matches your change area, if there's no objection, you can
go on and create a bug on the OpenJDK bug database, from there you will
need discussions in order to move the bug to the next state.

A JEP usually means you will need to do the work yourself, unless you
can make such a strong case to get someone to work on the task for you
(one such example, lambdas). In that regard no one will "pick up" your
JEP, you need to actively push.

Changes, unless minor, will have to be reconfirmed by the JCP committee,
so it may very well be that the JEP will just remain a very complex and
complete proof of concept.

The idea behind the JEP is to have a testbed for new ideas, a place
where there's less overhead to experiment with something, and perhaps
contribute quicker to OpenJDK once proved that the changes are small or
self contained, or really worth it.

Here you can find a bit more information:

And especially this:


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