MediaView fails to play HLS video encoded with Main Profile?

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Tue Aug 4 22:56:56 UTC 2015

> I'm trying to play an HLS file with mediaview and it is failing with a "Media unsupported message", I have been doing some tests with other HLS files and the only difference I've found is the Profile used.
> The one that plays says (according to MediaInfo) "AVC Baseline at L2.1 - 1 Ref Frames", the one that fails says "AVC Main at L3.1 1 - CABAC/ 6 Ref Frames".
> Is there anything I can do (other than reencode, not possible) to play it?

What platform? On Mac, it should play any flavor that QuickTime Player can since it uses AVFoundation.


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