Another JavaFX Application Thread

Rahman USTA rahman.usta.88 at
Thu Aug 6 09:25:19 UTC 2015

Hello all;

I'm developing AsciidocFX <> .
Everything is good with JavaFX but I have some trouble of it's threading

My case is;

AsciidocFX converts AsciiDoc documents to another formats (html, docbook,
etc.) with asciidoctor.js using a WebView component . When we are using big
AsciiDoc files (for example a book), generating docbook or something takes
some seconds. While converting AsciiDoc documents, UI is being unresponsive
until conversion completed because Asciidoctor.js must be run on JavaFX
Application Thread and conversion takes long time. I think there must be a
hack or something to handle that scenario.

I thought to use HTML 5 Web Worker in WebView, but it will brings me more
complexity in JavaScript side. I need a solution in Java FX side.


Rahman USTA
Istanbul JUG <>

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