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Rahman USTA rahman.usta.88 at
Thu Aug 6 11:00:27 UTC 2015


JRuby brings me ~ +30 MB. I tried to use Nashorn also but it is so slow.
I'm thinking to continue with WebView.

The question is why there is HTML 5 Web Workers. Why there is no like that
for JavaFX threading model.


Expensiveness comes from JavaScript code that runs on UI thread. Script
execution takes long time normally. For example docbook conversion
execution starts from here

2015-08-06 13:45 GMT+03:00 Mike Hearn <mike at>:

> That seems like a roundabout way to do things.
> The web tells me:  "The asciidoctor.js project is a direct port of
> Asciidoctor from Ruby to JavaScript using the Opal Ruby-to-JavaScript cross
> compiler"
> Why don't you use JRuby and run the original Asciidoctor code directly in
> a background thread? That way, no webview is needed and it can all be done
> in the background.

Rahman USTA
Istanbul JUG <>

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