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Fri Aug 7 13:39:34 UTC 2015

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> Am Dienstag, 4. August 2015, 13:26:06 schrieb Scott Palmer:
>> The issue is:
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>> A target release has not been set.  But I really hope it could make it into
>> 9.0.  Has there been any further discussion on this?
> Why not like this?

When I ran the JavaFX example on OS X, it locked up before even showing a UI. (It may have something to do with accessing Swing/AWT classes off the Event Dispatch thread, or before such thread exists*.)
It’s also a pretty heavy library with way too many dependencies.  It cobbles together or relies on 10 different APIs/libraries, or “drivers" to get the job done.  In short it’s a mess compared to what the camera API should be.

For reasonable camera access Java needs something much simpler. Cameras are built-in to most of the devices Java runs on, and have been for some time. Heck, even the Raspberry PI has a standard camera module and it runs JavaFX.  There should be an official API for camera access.

*On a side note, it’s a shame that there is no Image data type that is independent of JavaFX/Swing so manipulating image data doesn’t have to bring in a particular UI toolkit, and therefore force use of Swing even though your API is JavaFX based.  E.g. ImageIO requires Swing-based images when it should have been independent of the UI toolkit.  A Raster interface could be factored out and shared between whatever UI image classes are used, ImageIO, and the future camera API… probably too late now though.



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