Results of review of private JavaFX API for consideration to make public in JDK 9

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Mon Aug 10 22:36:38 UTC 2015

On 7/08/2015 9:51 p.m., Benjamin Gudehus wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> thanks for the summary!
> >pull up your sleeves and work with us to get the API into a shape 
> where it is good enough to commit to as public API
> I'd like to help with the public API for profiling and performance 
> tracking (mainly PulseLogger, maybe PerformanceTracker).

It would be good to discuss this via a JBS issue. Please file one and we 
can discuss logistics further.
> >These classes are com.sun.javafx.util.Utils, 
> com.sun.javafx.PlatformUtil, and 
> com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl. As most of these classes are 
> just a collection of self-contained methods, it is quite likely that a 
> number of these methods will find public API alternatives in a new class
> Sounds good. TestFX has a dependency to 
> com.sun.javafx.application.ParametersImpl to provide the ability to 
> test multiple different `Application`s. It currently depends on 
> private fields and methods of internal classes.
It is highly unlikely that ParemetersImpl will be made public API.
> >Robot: A good API to make public, but not a small API, so the scope 
> is possibly too great for JDK 9.
> The headless testing feature in TestFX has dependencies to 
> com.sun.javafx.robot.FXRobot and As TestFX 
> uses the AWT robot, the "normal" testing mode needs no access to the 
> internal APIs.
> The screenshot feature in headless testing depends on 
> com.sun.javafx.robot.FXRobotImage and
> Additionally we also need access to 
> in order to activate Monocle on desktop systems.

These areas are outside my area of expertise, but my understanding is 
that it is extremely unlikely that any of the classes you mentioned will 
become public API in JDK 9.

-- Jonathan

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