Combobox issue with Windows 10

Andrey Rusakov andrey.rusakov at
Tue Aug 11 09:31:11 UTC 2015

Yes, I was able to reproduce that, but only on one machine, so I 
decided, that it is a driver issue, or something like that. I'll send 
you machine name so you can reproduce that.

10.08.2015 03:11, Jonathan Giles пишет:
> I don't have a Windows 10 set up here yet, although if necessary I can 
> go through the process of installing Windows 10 as another boot option 
> on my PC. As it stands I can not reproduce this issue on my Windows 8 
> install.
> It would probably be beneficial to try to get more data from your 
> users. Depending on how technical they are you can have them run a 
> tool like VisualVM to see if something is locking up.
> Thanks,
> -- Jonathan
> On 10/08/2015 1:13 a.m., Michael Berry wrote:
>> After upgrading to windows 10, I've had many reports of users hitting 
>> this
>> issue ( whereby 
>> clicking
>> any unfocused combobox in our application completely freezes it up.
>> (Interestingly, tabbing so the combobox is selected first before 
>> clicking
>> provides a workaround, but clearly this is not a good solution.) I 
>> haven't
>> been able to reproduce unfortunately, but it's certainly causing 
>> problems
>> our end and I can't imagine we're the only ones.
>> Has anyone else noticed this and been able to reproduce it more 
>> reliably? I
>> would look to contribute a fix, but not being able to reproduce makes it
>> pretty much impossible.
>> Michael

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