Multiple imports of CSS files in subdirectories

Thomas Meyer meyertee at
Tue Aug 18 14:43:59 UTC 2015


I’m using @import statements to spilt up my CSS code into multiple files in subdirectories. All imports are listed in one base css file:

@import “sub/a.css"
@import “sub/b.css"

This usage was working fine in JDK 1.8.0_31. Since JDK 1.8.0_45 it’s broken: “sub/b.css" is resolved relative to “sub/a.css” leading to errors such as this one (notice the double-“/sub"):

com.sun.javafx.css.parser.CSSParser handleImport
WARNING: CSS Error parsing file:/myproject/build/classes/main/styles/sub/sub/b.css: Could not import “sub/b.css”

Information on the support for @import is sparse on the CSS-ref. Is this usage discouraged? What others use cases does it serve / how are you using the @import statement?

Best wishes, Thomas.

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