OpenJFX / JDK 9 questions

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Tue Aug 18 21:41:48 UTC 2015

Hi Chris,

Felix Bembrick asked this same question a while ago and after some time the
response was:

"Hi Felix,

Sorry for the delay. Most of us were still pretty focused on 8u60, but we
are turning our attention to JDK 9 now.

The focus for JDK 9 is Jigsaw. The currently planned big features (JEPs) for
FX in JDK 9 are these:

JEP 253: Prepare JavaFX UI Controls & CSS APIs for Modularization JEP 257:
Update JavaFX/Media to Newer Version of GStreamer

Related to Jigasw, we intend to look into new API for heavily used internal
methods / classes since they will no longer be accessible otherwise. We also
plan to update WebKit at least one more time, and will likely do a few RFEs
such as better Hi-DPI support (with API
control) on Mac, Windows, Linux.

We don't currently plan any other big features for 9, but will consider
additional RFEs if they are important to enough developers and if they fit
into the time frame.

-- Kevin"

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Please could someone briefly explain the changes to OpenJFX under JDK9 /
modularisation / jigsaw?

I've been trying to answer some questions about this in the London Java
Community (JUG) and have added 8u40 stable binaries to my OpenJFX build
server as that was requested:

I understand work is already happening under JEP253 to sort out the public

Longer term, will OpenJFX ever become a sub-project or module in the OpenJDK

Is there any plan for a unified build system for OpenJDK and OpenJFX to
produce a binary that runs JavaFX out of the box?

Currently the gradle openZip method makes it easy to create builds that
unpack into OpenJDK / Zulu JDK but this assumes a pre-Jigsaw (JRE) structure
and doesn't work with JDK9. Shall I submit a bug?



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