Touch Screen X-axis flipped on Udoo/3M Touchscreen EX_II

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Thu Aug 20 19:42:52 UTC 2015

I have got the first incarnation of my JavaFX app running on my Udoo 
board, a FreeScale based ARM. It is using the sw pipeline, not the 
Vivante yet, but there is another problem first.

When I connect a mouse the mouse coordinates are interpreted correctly, 
but the touch events, or touch position is incorrect. When I run X11 
both mouse and touch is correct.

The Y axis follows the screen correctly, however the X axis seems to be 
flipped. I've run the app with flipXY, but that is incorrect as it flips 
both X & Y. I've also tried to set the minX and maxX the other way 
around, hoping that the LinuxTouchTransform would calculate the 
transform for X as -1, it doesn't unfortunately.

I don't know of another property to set. Is there any? If not, how can I 
contribute to the JavaFX project so that I can solve this?


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