Usage of internal API's in charts

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Tue Aug 25 20:24:53 UTC 2015

>> Hi,
>> What about things like
>> com.sun.javafx.charts.ChartLayoutAnimator ?
>> Actually there may not be too many users of this, but if you try to 
>> write
>> your own axis implementation (e.g. LogarithmicAxis) you may need 
>> access to
>> this - correct?
> I'll let Jonathan answer this.
ChartsLayoutAnimator didn't appear once on my jdeps analysis from a few 
weeks back, so it hasn't been on my radar as a possible candidate for 
making public. I don't imagine this will be something we try to bring 
out in JDK 9, but if it is something that is generally useful and 
important a bug should be filed for it.
>> Should we revisit every possible extension point in JavaFX and make sure
>> all necessary implementations can be accessed via javafx.* packages?
> Yes. Although not all of them will be address in JDK 9, it will be 
> helpful to know what they are and what the use case is.

I agree with Kevin - half the battle is just knowing what is generally 
useful. It would be wise to have an umbrella issue in JBS that tracks 
all 'make XXX public' issues. If we get a few of these kind of issues 
filed I'll make an umbrella issue.

-- Jonathan

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