JEP 253 Update: new JavaDoc ready for review

Robert Zenz robert.zenz at
Mon Aug 31 08:00:28 UTC 2015

On 28.08.2015 00:41, Jonathan Giles wrote:
> ...but for two it doesn't feel right to release it without the behaviors
> themselves becoming public. I worried that without the behaviors being
> public that the InputMap was a bit of a 'map to nowhere'. My hope is
> that we can resolve this in an update release of JDK 9. The plan now is
> to remove the second subproject from JEP 253 to have it correctly
> tracking our intentions, so I will be doing that in the coming week.

Sorry if that was already discussed/mentioned, I only skim the list from
time to time. Does that mean that behaviors will not be public in JDK 9
(therefor inaccessible because of Jigsaw), but it might make it into an
update for JDK 9?

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