CSS under 1.8.0_40 not identical to 31 or older

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Wed Feb 4 21:13:15 UTC 2015

I've just now ran JFXtras Samples under the latest 1.8.0_40 and it does not render identical as when run under 1.8.0_31, some CSS rules are not applied. Samples is easily downloaded from here (http://jfxtras.org/resources/java/jfxtras-labs-samples-8.0-r4-SNAPSHOT-shadow.jar) and started simply with "java -jar".

When run under 1.8.0_31 or older, the "LocalDateTimeTextfieldSample" shows a textfield with a popup button. When the button is pressed a popup is shown, with a gradient as the background and both an ok and cancel icon in the right top. The exact same jar under 1.8.0_40 does not show the gradient nor the two icons.

LocalDateTimeTextfield under water uses CalendarTextField, so the code for this is in the calendar based control:

Interesting are the lines starting at 351 in the skin, which do:
     Popup lPopup = new Popup();
     BorderPane lBorderPane = new BorderPane();
     lBorderPane.getStyleClass().add(this.getClass().getSimpleName() + "_popup"); // this amounts to "CalendarTextFieldSkin_popup "

This no longer results in applying the background colors as defined in the css file on line 12.
     .CalendarTextFieldSkin_popup {
         -fx-background-color: -fx-shadow-highlight-color, -fx-outer-border, -fx-inner-border, -fx-body-color;
         -fx-background-insets: 0 0 -1 0,0,1,2;
         -fx-background-radius: 5,5,4,3;
         -fx-padding: 0.766667em 0.733333em 0.75em 0.733333em;
         -fx-text-fill: -fx-text-base-color;

Neither are the two in the css defined icons applied to the ImageViews.

Is this intentional or a bug?


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