Rotate and Rotate transformation

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Mon Feb 16 06:33:47 UTC 2015

Ok, thanks for confirming. It seemed overkill to roll-in Timeline only to animate a single property; IMHO Timeline is aimed at animation orchestration, so it does not feel right. Adding pivot X & Y to node would make the rotation property much more useful.


On 15-2-2015 22:59, Benjamin Gudehus wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> this seems to be the case.
> Node's rotate property only accepts x and y coordinates, but not
> pivotX and pivotY for the rotation center. Interestingly
> RotateTransition uses the rotate property (in
> Transition#interpolate()) instead of a Rotate transformation.
> If you want to specify pivot coordinates, you have to use the Rotate
> transformation (or the Scale transformation). I transform Rotate and
> Scale transformation with Timeline; it also provides a stop() method
> which I needed for a geographical information system.
> --Benjamin
> On 2/15/15, Tom Eugelink <tbee at> wrote:
>> Just to check that I'm seeing this right:
>> - The rotate property of a node can only rotate around the node's center.
>> - The RotateTransition simply manipulates a node's rotate property.
>> So as soon as you have to rotate around any other point except the center,
>> these two classes cannot be used.
>> The alternative is:
>> - Use a Rotate transformation, which allows specifying the rotation center.
>> - Animate that using a Timeline, because that is the easiest way to animatie
>> a transformation.
>> Tom

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