Are TouchEvents supposed to work on Mac OS X?

Jörg Wille joerg.wille at
Thu Feb 19 11:04:11 UTC 2015

I use OnTouchMoved Event in an application and the handler gets called on
Windows 7 as I expected.
But the handler gets never called when running the application on Mac OS X
10.9 although Gesture-Events rotate and zoom work.
I tried by starting app with -Dcom.sun.javafx.touch=true but this does not
work. Using -Dquantum.verbose=true reports many:
"handleMouseEvent: unhandled type: 223" when moving a finger on the sceen.
Might the monitor
the problem? Or is it not supposed to work?
Btw, how can I enable logging and set log level for glass (e.g. to see some
logging from native-glass/lens/input/udev/udevInput.c)?

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