HEADS-UP: [9] New WebKit + compiler upgrade for FX 9

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Feb 20 22:30:15 UTC 2015

> The changeset patch is 185 Mbytes and touches 11,688 files including
> added, removed, modifiled files. I tried generating a webrev, but it is
> just too big and unweildy to upload (over 1.6 GBytes).

A 185 megabyte patch!? That is ...... mind boggling. I don't envy you guys!

Couple of questions:

1) I'm curious if there are plans to sync with WebKit upstream more
frequently from now on to try and reduce the pain of upgrades. As WebKit is
so complex and security sensitive, and not sandboxed in the same way as
Chrome, regular updates seem vital for security. Of course this doesn't
matter if you are just rendering your own content but for displaying
potentially hostile content, it seems important.

2) Have you considered using Blink instead, perhaps that way you would get
the sandboxing tech from Chromium? Or does the WebKit JFX uses now have
cross-platform sandboxing in it as well?


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