Using JavaFX on VMWare / Linux

Adam Granger adam at
Fri Feb 27 06:43:46 UTC 2015

The company I work at mandate Linux development is done on a Redhat 6.x
guest within VMPlayer/Workstation on top of a Windows XP host.

Previous debugging has led me to believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that
drivers in the guest used to support OpenGL via VMWare expose the guests
hardware/driver strings such as  "vmware" etc, not the hosts
hardware/driver. Sorry I've not got the details with me right now, they're
at work, will update later...

I'd like to know if

  1) acceleration is expected to work on the guest if the host has a
supported GPU configuration?
  2) how the whitelist / blacklist system in prism works in this case?
    - I believe it sees "vmware" and then assumes vmware isn't "nvidia"
etc. and gives up
    - how can it see the hosts physical GPU hardware/driver correctly to
make an informed choice?
  3) is it possible to disable/override the white/blacklist system albeit
at risk?

Kind regards,


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