Using JavaFX on VMWare / Linux

Chien Yang chien.yang at
Fri Feb 27 07:11:34 UTC 2015

Hi Adam,

I would like to inform you that VMware is not a certified hypervisor for 
Oracle JDK 8 and JRE 8, and hardware rendering is not supported in guest 
systems on Oracle VM, VirtualBox and Hyper-V Server 2012. Please see 
this link for details information:

- Chien

On 2/26/15 10:43 PM, Adam Granger wrote:
> The company I work at mandate Linux development is done on a Redhat 6.x
> guest within VMPlayer/Workstation on top of a Windows XP host.
> Previous debugging has led me to believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that
> drivers in the guest used to support OpenGL via VMWare expose the guests
> hardware/driver strings such as  "vmware" etc, not the hosts
> hardware/driver. Sorry I've not got the details with me right now, they're
> at work, will update later...
> I'd like to know if
>    1) acceleration is expected to work on the guest if the host has a
> supported GPU configuration?
>    2) how the whitelist / blacklist system in prism works in this case?
>      - I believe it sees "vmware" and then assumes vmware isn't "nvidia"
> etc. and gives up
>      - how can it see the hosts physical GPU hardware/driver correctly to
> make an informed choice?
>    3) is it possible to disable/override the white/blacklist system albeit
> at risk?
> Kind regards,
> Adam.

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