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Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Feb 27 23:39:15 UTC 2015

Thanks for the update Johan! Sounds like good progress.

-- Kevin

Johan Vos wrote:
> Hi,
> Quick update from the mobile ports: as you might know, LodgON is working
> together with RoboVM to work on the iOS port. There is some funding for
> this effort, so we could add more resources to it.
> One of the major goals is to have the Android port and the iOS port at the
> same level. If an API works on Android, it should work on iOS as well and
> vice versa. Most users of the mobile ports target both iOS and Android, and
> we want to provide WORA and FOPFAP (Fail One Platform, Fail All Platforms
> ;)).
> One of the major achievements is a gradle plugin we created, which allows
> to build Android and iOS executables using the same code and the same
> plugin. This plugin also retrieves the RoboVM AOT compiler form iOS
> artifacts, and it retrieves the JavaFX SDK's for Android and iOS, which are
> uploaded to Maven Central.
> Both the plugin as well as the SDK's are built on our Jenkins server, and
> uploaded as SNAPSHOTs to the snapshot repo. Builds are uploaded whenever we
> feel a major achievement is reached.
> The plugin is very easy to use, and it is described at
> Note that we are currently at build 4 of the plugin, which uses build 4 of
> the JavaFX mobile SDK's. You can point the plugin to use older or newer
> versions of the SDK's.
> One of the next things we want to do, is to integrate with the
> java(fx)packager. In order to create our gradle plugin, we had to untangle
> step by step what is needed to create an Android Package or an iOS Package.
> If I understood it correctly, using these same steps should be possible in
> a java(fx)packager plugin.
> The other thing we have to do is to send all changes back to OpenJFX. There
> is some work involved here, as we made both specific as well as a few
> generic changes. However, I think that everyone could benefit from this
> work. We have to redo all our homework, and check line by line if it is
> really needed, working correctly, and not breaking anything.
> I think it makes no sense for doing this in the 8u40 branch anymore, but we
> should target 8u60 once 8u40 is released.
> Finally, many congratulations to the whole team (current and past
> developers) that created JavaFX. It is an amazing piece of software, and I
> personally don't think there is a better UI toolkit available (at least for
> Java developers like I am).
> I hope the availability of JavaFX on Mobile can have a positive impact on
> the whole JavaFX platform.
> I'll be back later with more (also commercial) news.
> - Johan

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