Make TableView height match content

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Wed Jan 7 10:49:21 UTC 2015

Hi Dan,

typically it is not a good idea to do this. TableView has a reason to 
manage scrolling on its own: if the tableview has 100000 items you don't 
want to have all these nodes in the scenegraph when it is sufficent to 
show the visible ones.

Your approach may have some value if the number of items is quite low. 
In that case I'd suggest to skip tableview and put your items in that 
same vbox. Of course you'd have to handle columns yourself then.


On 06.01.2015 21:26, Dan Smith wrote:
> Putting this another way: TableViews automatically wrap their content
> in a (implicit?) scroll pane.  I'd like to turn that off.  Is there
> any way to do so?

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