iMX6Q graphics performance

Prasant Jalan prasant at
Mon Jan 19 08:44:14 UTC 2015


I'm running my JavaFX based application (only uses 2D graphics) on 
Freescale iMX6Q processor (1.2 GHz x Quad Core). The performance is not 
up the mark. (I'm using javaFX build 8u40-b15). My system has 
framebuffer build of the Vivante graphic libraries (ver

The same application when run on an intel i3 processor (4 core, 1.6 GHz 
each - Windows 32 bit) performs much better.

Is the difference in performances because of DirectX on Windows and 
OpenGL on the embedded ARM? How can I find out the real reason of low 
performance on my ARM system (or this is how I should expect it to 
perform) ?

Any comments from developers or users who are using Freescale MX6 based 
system for their application / tests will be helpful to me.

Regards, Prasant

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