Scroll events fired in TableView although there is nothing to scroll

Robert Krüger krueger at
Sat Jan 24 16:50:33 UTC 2015


yes, I just now realized that setOnScroll is Node API and not TableView so
I obviously sent my Mail too early.

Sorry about the noise.

Another observation, though: The onscroll-eventhandler is not called when
the tableview actually does scroll. It does fire again, when I reach one
end of the data and keep using scroll gestures. Interesting but irrelevant
for my case.

Thanks for your response,


On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 4:17 PM, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl at>

> [sorry sent the other mail too early]
> Hi,
> I don't really see why you need to know about this all view classes are
> virtual so a TableCell, ListCell is only requested when shown - and then
> reused.
> IIRC this virtuallity is row based only but the otn request also only
> talks about rows.
> One more note on the onScroll which has nothing todo with the scrollbars
> - it simply tells you that:
> a) someone used the scrollwheel on the mouse
> b) used the scroll gesture eg on the touch pad
> So I think you did not really get what onScroll is doing.
> Tom
> On 24.01.15 14:15, Robert Krüger wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am a bit surprised by the behaviour of the onScroll event handling of
> > TableView. I just printed the events I received there to standard out and
> > although the table does not display any scrollbars because it is large
> > enough to fit all content into it, I receive events as if it were
> scrolling
> > (even with the physics/inertia I would expect from a scrollbar, i.e. it
> > takes a while after the scroll gesture for the events to stop firing).
> >
> > As an API user I would never have expected this. This makes me wonder how
> > useful the event handler is in the first place as I cannot use it to see
> if
> > there is actually any scrolling going on in the table. How do I do that?
> >
> > This is somewhat related to a post on OTN (
> > if anyone wants
> to
> > know what the broader context of this is.
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Robert
> >
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