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Tue Jan 27 18:01:49 UTC 2015

On 1/21/15, 12:31 AM, Prasant Jalan wrote:
> The above information will help us test our system. We have also put a system together and the above answers will give us a reference measurement. We could use your test app and get the fps measurement and know if our system is behaving fine. Then we could reduce our scope to javaFX application optimization and forget about the system.
I had been intending to put one of my tests apps in the OpenJFX repo, and I took the nudge to do so. This app was partly a learning experience for me, and partly for use at a JavaOne talk last year. The general idea is one of an industrial style controller.

It is now checked in to OpenJFX repo as:

This example program shows an FPS average while running.
On my Mac I get close to 59 FPS after the JIT warms up.
On my Boundary Devices i.mx6 (quad), it settles down around ~36 FPS (it takes about 20 seconds for that to happen).

Unfortunately the other graphics benchmarks I have handy are not shareable.

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