Path Rendering in 8u40

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Tue Jan 27 22:03:02 UTC 2015

I'm seeing a regression where Paths are not rendered with anti-aliasing on
8u40.  On 8u20 they are fine.  There are also glitches in SVG Paths from
CSS.  The SVG paths are smooth, but the end points are different and they
have 'kinks'.  There is also a difference in the position of my "arrowhead"
on the end of the Path which is done using SVG in the CSS for a Region.

I've attached images of the exact same code running with 8u40 and 8u20.
 (not sure if they will make it to the mailing list)

I searched JIRA but didn't see any issues that seemed relevant, though I
wonder if work done for RT-39439 may be related.
Has anyone else seen something like this?


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