Path Rendering in 8u40

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Jan 27 22:18:38 UTC 2015

Do you explicitly set smooth=false on your path? If so, that would be 
due to:

We used to ignore the smooth flag (it's a rasterization hint) but now 
honor it and disable AA if set to false.

-- Kevin

Scott Palmer wrote:
> I'm seeing a regression where Paths are not rendered with anti-aliasing on
> 8u40.  On 8u20 they are fine.  There are also glitches in SVG Paths from
> CSS.  The SVG paths are smooth, but the end points are different and they
> have 'kinks'.  There is also a difference in the position of my "arrowhead"
> on the end of the Path which is done using SVG in the CSS for a Region.
> I've attached images of the exact same code running with 8u40 and 8u20.
>  (not sure if they will make it to the mailing list)
> I searched JIRA but didn't see any issues that seemed relevant, though I
> wonder if work done for RT-39439 may be related.
> Has anyone else seen something like this?
> Scott

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