Johan Vos johan at
Wed Jan 28 11:04:23 UTC 2015


Unless I'm missing something, at this moment an AcceleratedScreen is not
able to be reconfigured. Once initialized, the eglSurface is not changed.
This leads to the following issue on Android: when the device is rotated, a
new surface is created. The AcceleratedScreen still tries to call
eglSwapBuffers with a reference to the old surface.

I can hack this into e.g. AndroidAcceleratedScreen, but I am wondering if
this might be some general functionality that should be provided by the
AcceleratedScreen? Or would you rather create a new AcceleratedScreen when
the underlying surface changed? If so, which class should do this? When
using prism with eglfb, the EGLFBGLDrawable does this.

- Johan

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