Review for minimize on GTK.

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On 6/2/15, 2:58 PM, David Hill wrote:

Turns out there is a race case with the old fix, this one does something similar but seems to solve the race issue.

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> Kevin, et al,
> (Note this fixed a regression post 8u20)
> jira:
> webrev:
> We tell the WindowManager not to support minimization (meaning the window decoration), then we ask it to minimize programmatically. The WM ignores the programmatic request because we just told it too.
> The screen stops updating because the pulse thinks the window is not showing.
> Simple fix - remember the window manager functions, and if minimize is not present, enable it, minimize the window, then restore the original value.
> Tested with transparent & decorated. FullScreen also tested because that is something else we disable, but no negative effect seen.

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