Understanding the com.sun.* APIs being (ab)used by the community

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Wed Jun 3 06:17:29 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've written a tool that analyses the output of JDeps. This allows for 
me to quickly understand what com.sun.* APIs are being used by projects. 
It basically just gives a tally of each com.sun.* class that is being 
used, given a directory of files that are output from JDeps (where each 
file is the output from running JDeps against a single jar file). The 
more of these JDeps text files I have, the more data I can have about 
what APIs are being (ab)used.

Also, before I go further, lets try to keep this simple - I'd rather not 
have this discussion get political about the merits of modularity, 
choosing which APIs are most important, etc, etc, etc! I'm just a lowly 
engineer trying to make things as good as I can for you all. The 
remainder of the political discussion can start in ~2 weeks when I'm on 
vacation ;-)

If you want to give me more data, please do the following from your 
computer, and then email me (off-list!) the resulting text file. My 
example command line instruction is what I run against Scene Builder, 
but please don't send me the output against your Scene Builder jar - I 
want to know what the output is against your projects.

Here's the command line instruction (for my Windows 8 machine,  your 
mileage may vary):

jdeps -v SceneBuilder-8.0.0.jar > SceneBuilder-8.0.0.txt

Send me (again, off-list!) the resulting text file. I don't want your 
jar files or anything else, I don't think my inbox could handle it :-)

-- Jonathan

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