Trouble building JDK in debug mode

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Jun 3 22:00:22 UTC 2015

That should work. What platform are you using? How did you overlay your 
JavaFX bits? Are you sure it is using your build of jfxrt.jar?

-- Kevin

Sam' wrote:
> Sorry to create a new post, I have not managed to reply to the other topic
> since I had deactivated the notifications..
> I am building the JDK on Mac. I have specified "CONF=DebugNative" with the
> case sensitive in the file.
> You are speaking about -PCONF, but in the gradle I have specified only
> "CONF" since it was written like that in the comment above..
> Finally after that, I'm following the steps specified here (
> ) in order to deploy my JDK. Afterwards, when launching Netbeans, I cannot
> see the local variables of JavaFX source code and debug it properly.

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