COMPLETE: FX JIRA issues are now moved to JBS

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Sat Jun 13 00:32:10 UTC 2015

The migration of FX bugs to JBS [1] is complete. All of the open FX 
issues [2], along with any issues resolved since Jan 1, 2014, have been 
moved into the JDK project. The rest of the issues (those resolved prior 
to 2014) will move to the JDK project over the next week, and then the 
RT project will be locked down (although the issue redirect will still 

As a note to those (Authors and Committers) who have a JBS account: Do 
*not* create any new JIRA issues in the RT project in JBS! Use the JDK 

I. Helpful hints

There are a few subtle differences between the way JBS is configured and 
the way FX JIRA was configured but most of them are self-explanatory. I 
have highlighted a few things that may help a bit.

* If you type the (old) RT-nnnnn number into the "Quick Search" box in 
JBS it will take you to the corresponding (new) JDK-mmmmmmm issue.

* A redirect has been set up on the old server so that existing URLs 
will work. I don't know how long this will remain in place, but will 
ease the pain of the transition. For example [3].

* The FX Dev 8u60 Dashboard [4] has been recreated in JBS for tracking 
8u60 issues for FX

* Mapping from FX JIRA to JBS (this will make its way onto the OpenJFX 
Wiki [5] soon).

Priority Mapping
Blocker --> P1
Critical --> P2
Major --> P3
Medium --> P4
Minor --> P5

Issuetype Mapping
Bug --> Bug
Feature --> Enhancement
Tweak --> Enhancement
Improvement --> Enhancement
Optimization --> Enhancement
Test --> Bug
Task --> Task

Links Mapping
"Depends On" --> "Is Blocked By"
"Is Depended On By" --> "Blocks"
[Others have the same name]

Component / SubComponent Mapping
Empty --> javafx / none
Accessibility --> javafx / accessibility
Animation --> javafx / animation
App Model --> javafx / application-lifecycle
Build --> javafx / build
Control --> javafx / controls
Core Libraries --> javafx / base
FXML --> javafx / fxml
Glass --> javafx / window-toolkit
Graphics --> javafx / graphics
Localization --> javafx / localization
Media --> javafx / media
Other --> javafx / other
Samples --> javafx / samples
Scenegraph --> javafx / scenegraph
Scenebuilder --> javafx / tools-scenebuilder
Swing --> javafx / swing
WebView --> javafx / web

Deployment --> deploy / javafx
Docs --> docs / javafx
Installers --> install / javafx
Packager --> >deploy / packager

II. Important changes for committers

Committers further need to be aware of the following important changes. 
I will capture most of this on the Wiki next week.

1. Use the new 7 digit JBS bug ID without the "JDK-" prefix for hg 
commit messages.

This matches the JDK convention, and is a prerequisite to FX ever using 
jcheck (which we will want to do at some point in the future). The only 
exception to this is if you are backporting a bug that was already 
pushed to another codeline with RT-nnnnn in the comments. This should be 
rare except for bugs that are in progress, and that have already been 
pushed to the base release and you are working on the backports. For 


   8012345: A very bad thing happens
   Reviewed-by: kcr


   JDK-8012345: A very bad thing happens
   Reviewed-by: kcr

Obsolete; only use when backporting RT-12345 to another codeline:

   RT-12345: A very bad thing happens
   Reviewed-by: kcr

2. Use the main bug ID in your commit message (never the backport ID)

This isn't a change from current policy, but since we will start using 
the backport issue type more often (see #3), it bears repeating. If 
JDK-8012345 is the main bug, that is, the JIRA with issue type = Bug, 
and JDK-8016789 is the backport issue for 8u60, then when you push the 
fix to 8u60 you will use 8012345 in your hg commit message. Always.

3. Create a backport rather than using multiple fix versions (in general)

We have been very inconsistent about the use of backports in FX. It's 
time to move in the direction of JDK and stop using multiple fix 
versions on a JIRA issue. With JBS it's easy to create a backport issue 
(it was tedious and error prone in FX JIRA because of the lack of a 
proper backport issue type), so please try to do it for your backports. 
All it takes is going to the main bug and choosing the "Create Backport" 
option from the "More Actions" menu. Eventually, we may be able to use 
hgupdater which will automate this (and remove the burden of marking the 
JIRA issue as resolved/fixed and pasting in the changeset URL), but for 
now it's a manual step.

Let me know if you have questions about any of this.

-- Kevin


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