Re[2]: WebView doesn't render html input elements

Александр Свиридов ooo_saturn7 at
Tue Jun 16 22:08:23 UTC 2015

 Thank you for your answer. No, I have only 5(five!) inputs on page. And I use oracle java 8.60. 

Вторник, 16 июня 2015, 14:11 -07:00 от Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at>:
>Do you have more than 100 total controls visible in your web page? If 
>so, this is probably
>which was just fixed in 8u60.
>-- Kevin
>Александр Свиридов wrote:
>>  I have very simple html code that includes 5 inputs with type="radio" (in one column) and webview in javafx8 which loads this page. The problem is the following - sometimes these radios are rendered sometimes not. For example, I start application - webview loads page, however there is empty space where these radio must be. But, when I move mouse at the area where these radios must be, they appear. I see this problem in linux - centos,ubuntu and windows xp. I've not seen this problem in Win7. How to fix it? 

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