Differences between WebView and Webkit

Steve Hannah steve at weblite.ca
Wed Jun 24 15:41:20 UTC 2015

I have a javascript app that is not loading in the JavaFX webview (JDK8).
User agent string indicates WebKit 537.44, so I downloaded the nightly
build for WebKit 537.44 to test, and the app works in that.

No errors are reported in the webview (I've hooked up change listeners,
error listeners, etc...), and I hooked up Firebug lite - but it also
doesn't report any errors -- likely either errors are occurring before the
page is loaded (i.e. before Firebug lite is added).

Does WebKit 537.44 use the exact same Javascript engine as the WebView that
reports 537.44 as the webkit version - or are there some differences?

Steve Hannah
Web Lite Solutions Corp.

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